Find out more about hosting-people’s domain names video demonstration to learn more about the domains registration and administration solutions, which are available from hosting-people.

To be able to deliver our customers with unique domain name registration prices, we had gone straight away to the domain names source – the companies which have been directly in charge of every one TLD. We confirmed partnerships with a lot of the popular domain name companies to get our TLDs from them, without having to move through a domain name reseller business.

This way, you find a pick of over 50 unique domain name extensions, all at affordable prices.

In order to offer you a more suitable domain name operations feel, additionally we launched a exceptional Domain Name Manager tool. It’s included the unique Site Control Panel and it means that you can control all options for your domain names. Plus, it provides smooth multi–domain management options and it is filled up with good tools.

Furthermore we will offer you SSL Certificates, that you can pick up directly from our Control Panel. There’ no requirement to travel to a 3rd party company to simply get an SSL anymore. And if you plan to utilise the SSL Certificate in your account along with us, we’ll install it conveniently for you. Besides typical SSL certificates, you’re able to also pick up a Wildcard SSL certificate, that you can use for many hostnames or simply for a sole one – like the regular SSL certificate.